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We are an exporter, importer and retailer as well as providing business consulting services

About Pacific Alliance Trading

At Pacific Alliance Trading, we aim to enrich lives everyday. We are a committed sourcing and distribution partner with extensive experiences deep rooted in Asia, Australia and Latin America, which gives us the insight to better service our clientele.

We are a trusted partner and the local experts in the dynamic markets of Asia and Latin America. To our retail partners, we are a dependable and committed supplier of the products consumers love with high commitment to quality.

Established in ‪2010, Pacific Alliance Trading began as a building material trading company with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Australia, Mexico and Singapore. Today, we service over 10 global economies and a wide range of product categories including food & beverage, retail consumables, retail apparel, and fitness related industries.

We provide professional support on product development, brand development, distribution, manufacturing, logistics, retail and most importantly, marketing and operations on major e-commerce platforms in China.

Though the world is changing rapidly and the markets we serve are radically different, we are committed to provide quality products and services to our customers. We strongly believe that our customer’s success is the key to our own success.


Use our skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve your goals in Asia

Our expertise in the consulting area across Asia covers export/import, brand building, retail and transport logistics where our personnel have strong proven track records in the greater Asian region.

We pride ourselves on the length of tenure of our key staff within the group where we have over 280 years’ combined experience.




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